Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tribune Bay

Tribune Bay may have the most beautiful beach in BC. With its light sand and crystal-clear, tropical waters it's hard to believe we are in Canada. I can't imagine ever having to go anywhere else with paradisiacal beaches like this. We spent three fun-filled nights in Tribune. We arrived late afternoon and paddled into shore with just enough time to challenge ourselves with some fun, high-risk, yoga balance poses on driftwood among crazily-shaped sandstone boulders. Back at the boat, we all took a quick dip off the swim step. Emma and I even got to wash out our hair with baking powder and vinegar thanks to the solar shower. It always feels so luxurious to have clean hair and I marvel at how my hair moves when it's clean. Simple pleasures make me happy.

Paddling into the beach we passed over huge colonies of black sand dollars. The only place where I have seen more is Mansons Landing on Cortez Island. We spent the day playing and swimming on the long sandy beach. At low tide the beach is so big and I loved watching the kids wade out forever in the shallow waters. Everyone was completely blissed out to have warm weather and warm water and Emma decided she was in heaven. We took a break from the beach to walk up to the little co-op store for a cold treat, then we were back on the boat where we enjoyed crackers and cheese followed by giggly rounds of Uno on the foredeck while the sun set.

The following day we hiked through the forest up to the bluff in Halliwell Park where we were treated to lovely sweeping views. On the way back we walked through tall waving grass under twisted garry oaks. Back on the boat we grilled up delicious salmon topped with a creamy avocado dip. Yum!

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