Monday, July 21, 2014

Bowen Island to Sidney

With the memory of our last crossing of the Strait of Georgia from Bowen Island seared into our brains, we pushed past our PTSD and reluctantly left the dock at Snug Cove. There was really no need for any worry with more lovely weather in the forecast, it was only the haunting memory of our stupidity to leave a day after 70 knot winds raged in the Strait of Georgia, shutting down the beefy BC ferry system and ravaging Bowen Island, that rattled our nerves. We set out on another uneventful sail across the strait, but as we reached Gabriola Pass we heard a mayday come across the radio. It was a 50 foot power boat on fire south of us near Active Pass. A short while later a huge plume of smoke was visible in the distance. Luckily all three people and a dog escaped unscathed, I can't say that about the boat however. We eventually dropped anchor at DeCourcy Island just on the other side of Pirate's Cove. In the 1930's DeCourcy Island was the home a the cult led by the infamous Brother XII, a crazy self-proclaimed prophet who swindled wealthy followers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as their wives. Once followers reached the island, husbands were relieved of all of their money and separated from their wives who went to live in Brother XII's love nest. We spent a day hiking through the premises of the former cult and looking for wayward wives.

Our next stop was Wallace Island where we hiked to the old cabin to deposit the driftwood sign we had made for Marinero, leaving it among all the others. Next, it was on to Ganges where we hid from the rain in bookstores and coffee shops. By evening things had cleared so we walked over to Hastings House and through its manicured grounds. Winter Cove at Saturna Island was next on our list, where we relaxed and enjoyed the weather and leisurely strolls through the forest to watch the rapids that separated us from the Strait of Georgia. A few days later we pulled up anchor and headed to our final destination in Canada, Sidney-by-the-sea. While in Sidney we enjoyed a day at Butchart Gardens where we, once again, stuffed ourselves silly at high tea. Luckily we were wise enough to only order two high teas this time instead of four. Our aching bellies thanked us.

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