Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Magical Mystery Injury Tour

All winter long I had looked forward to our spring climbing trip. The plan was to leave in early April and spend the entire month in the camper van in the desert southwest. Jason had work meetings that pushed it into mid-April and in that second week of April I was having too much fun at the climbing gym and tweaked one of my ever-problematic wrists. No problem...I was hellbent on this climbing trip so we proceeded forward. I packed the camper van and with less than 12 hours before our departure, it really dawned on me that I may not be able to climb and the trip may turn into a sobfest for me. That, combined with the 90+ degree temperatures in the desert made us rethink the trip. Our friend Emma had sprained her ankle two weeks before and had been knocked out of dance and her upcoming dance performances. I looked at her and half-joking, half-serious asked if she would join us if we went to the boat instead. Thus the magical mystery injury tour was born. We thought about it for an hour or two before completely changing tacks from a desert to ocean trip. I unpacked the camper van and packed up my car with our sights set on Seattle.

In the past Emma had flown in to join us mid-trip and then after three weeks or so we had to deposit her back at the airport. We were excited to show her what a trip looked like start to finish, not to mention sharing all of our favorite spots in Ballard. We spent a couple of days in Ballard eating as many delicious things as we could while Jason worked and I provisioned the boat. It was fun to show her how many shopping carts I could fill in the process. We visited Hot Cakes multiple times and, my personal favorite, Cafe Besalu where we spent a good half an hour talking with someone visiting from Hawaii.

Due to the quick turn-around time after our change of plans, passports didn’t even enter my brain so we were completely US bound for this trip. After departing Seattle we visited all of our favorite spots in the San Juan Islands. Given that this trip happened almost a year ago I will skip the details and let the photos speak for themselves :).

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

San Diego

In February we spent a week in San Diego visiting family. With a combination of cousins, climbing gyms and aircraft carriers the kids were blissed out to be there. Happy to be on the ocean we visited beach after beach and even rented a sailboat for a day to take everyone out on the ocean. I will let the photos speak for themselves this time. Thanks family for such a fun visit!

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Bitter Cold Banff

In January Jason and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. How so much time has flown by so quickly, I have no idea. We have talked for years about taking the kids up to Banff so we could show them where we honeymooned but sticker-shock at the price of our honeymoon castle hotel always scared us away. Our twentieth year seemed the perfect year to suck it up and book almost a week at discount, non-refundable prices.

Shortly after the turn of the year I packed up our skis and the car and we headed north through sub-freezing, arctic temperatures to our non-cancellable vacation in a winter wonderland. When we arrived it was -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrrrrrr. Our first night there, the temperature sunk to a bone-chilling -35 degrees. We decided we better wait for it to "warm" up before going skiing so we spent a day exploring the hot springs section of Banff National Park. With the temperature hanging around at -15 we didn't last long outside. Luckily we could retreat indoors to see an amazingly colorful and gorgeous underground hot spring.

The following day we braved the weather and headed up to Lake Louise ski area where the temperature hung anywhere between 0 and 5 degrees. Though the views of the mountains were absolutely stupendous, I'm just going to say it now that this was, hands down, the worst day of skiing we have ever experienced. The combination of sub-arctic temperatures, icy cat tracks and lack of snow for anything but icy cat tracks to be open, was heinous. We kept asking ourselves, why did we leave our beautiful little ski town for this? Oh yeah, because the trip was non-refundable.

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