Friday, June 3, 2016

Emma arrives!

No summer sailing trip is complete without sweet Emma coming out to join us so. We are so happy to have her back on the boat. We arrived in Sidney a day early to get laundry, showering, cleaning the boat and provisioning done before her arrival so we were ready to roll when she got here. We've been away from home for seven weeks so it was a very happy reunion for all at the airport. It was awesome to see all the kids together again. Nobody missed a beat, everyone just picked up where we had left off like we had just seen her yesterday. We left the airport with three smiley, chattering teenagers in tow. We sat down for some lunch before pushing off the dock and making the short jump across the harbor to Sidney Spit.

Sidney Spit has a really weird approach. Being a sandbar, it's all really shallow except for a twisting deeper section. We slowly zig-zagged our way through avoiding the shallowest sections (though our depth meter again hit 0.0) until we made it into the anchoring ground. After we were safely anchored we dropped the kayaks and paddled to shore. The kids all grew over the winter so they were sitting a little low in our sit-on-top kayak, Banana, this year. On shore we had a nice walk down the long, sandy spit before heading back to the boat for everybody's favorite dinner, fried rice.

The following morning the kids and I went to shore while Jason was in a meeting. We walked over to where the old brickworks had been. We dubbed it Brick Beach and the kids immediately set to work. Aaron and Emma worked together on the Donald Grump Super Tower of World Donald-ation while Isaac worked on a fortress to guard the crabby tower. I happily documented while I messed around with the arty settings on my camera and snapped way too many photos in the process.

Click here for photos.

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