Saturday, June 4, 2016


After spending the morning at Sidney Spit we arrived in Montague Bay off Galiano Island just in time for what we affectionately call Foredeck, the time of day when we break out the cheese and crackers + a beer. We lounge around the foredeck celebrating the day in the sun chatting and munching.

The following morning we went to shore where Aaron built a balance board to challenge us all. We took turns wobbling back and forth trying to stay balanced with both ends of the board off the ground. Aaron leveled up and started spinning the board in place. Then the balance board was weaponized by adding big globs of seaweed to one end and jumping on the other. Emma slow-mo-ed the launches as Aaron dove from flying seaweed. When he was almost got hit in the head he thought the video would be even funnier if the seaweed slimed him so he actively started to try to get the seaweed to hit his head. Much fun was had.

After a hike around the island we returned to our kayaks. The tide was way out so we opted to climb over the rocks with our kayaks then to slop through slime pit, tidal flats. When we got to the end of the rocks we noticed that there were crabs everywhere. It was totally crazed. I've never seen so many crabs.

After we got back to the boat Jason watched as some poor guy who was trying to load his boat into the water off of the boat ramp, made the not-so-wise choice to back his truck and boat trailer into the aforementioned slime pit, tidal flats. It didn't end well. Needless to say his truck and trailer became very, very stuck in the mud, like mud-up-to-the-axels-kind-of-stuck. Bummer for him, bummer for that awesome crab-itat. We never saw how he made it out because we pulled up anchor and headed out.

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