Thursday, June 2, 2016

Massacre and Garrison Bays

For our next adventure we braved an anchorage at Skull Island in Massacre Bay with views of Victim Island in the distance. Talk about creepy. Our goal was to hike up Ship Peak on Orcas Island and this was the perfect spot to access the trail to the top. After an uneventful night in a place with such foreboding names we hit the trail. We had a lovely hike to the top. As we paddled back I noticed that our boat seemed to have slipped closer to the rocks than I had expected. Jason was talking to the boat next to us so I made a mental note to mention this to him when he got back to the boat but my bursting bladder quickly wiped the memory from my mushy mind of putty. We had just decided to stay for one more night when Jason exited the boat and noticed the same thing I had noticed before my bursting bladder wiped my brain. We both decided that we must have drug a bit and it was time to pull up the anchor and head to Garrison Bay on San Juan Island instead.

We love Garrison. It's so quiet and lovely. I love the picturesque old English Camp buildings left over from the Pig War, the boundary dispute between the US and England in which exactly one pig died. Not a bad war as far as wars go but the English remained firmly in there lovely camp for twelve years while the Americans remained in their crappy American Camp across the island for twelve years. We spent two nights in the peaceful little bay. We spent our first day hiking Young Hill and the other day checking out the activities at the BioBlitz, a nationwide count of wildlife sightings in all national parks that day tallied live on a webpage.

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