Thursday, June 16, 2016

Teakern Arm

Our next stop was Teakern Arm where a lovely waterfall tumbles down the rocks into a turquoise green cove. The water is deep here so anchoring can be a bit tricky. We dropped anchor on an upslope and firmly set it by backing the boat in towards the shore. We then tied our stern to the shore so we were pulled tight against our anchor. We bumbled a bit trying to get the stern line set. Our stern line had mysteriously tied itself in knots and the tide was low so it kept getting stuck in oyster beds as we tried to pull the line through the ring in the rocks. While Jason wrestled with the line, I bobbed around in the kayak watching the giant sea cucumbers below. As I paddled back to the boat Jason fed out line. The line snagged over and over again forcing me to paddle in one place like I was on a treadmill. It was really rather comical.

Once we were all set we paddled into shore, excited for a swim in the fresh water lake that feeds the waterfall. A short hike brought us to Cassel Lake where a sloping band of granite met the waters edge beckoning us to wade in, which is a trick, because once you hit the bright green slimy edge you slip straight onto your butt. Luckily there were ropes set up to help you in and out of the water. Several ledges were perfect diving and jumping boards and Aaron, the wild man, immediately hucked himself off one of the ledges letting out a wild lemur scream on the way down. And, thus ensued, much craziness and laughter. Once we had had our fill, we backtracked to the sunny cliff top that overlooks the waterfall and the colorful little cove below to sun ourselves and have a snack.

Once we were totally sun baked and floppy, we paddled the kayaks to the base of the waterfall. I love floating around in a convergence zone like this where fresh and salt waters come together. It's so cool to watch the shimmery layer of fresh water dancing over the top of salt. Back on the boat we enjoyed a lovely foredeck followed by grilled chicken shawarma and plenty of lounging in the hammock.

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