Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Prideaux Haven

We pulled ourselves away from Tribune and headed to Comox for one last provisioning run before heading into Desolation Sound. Freshly showered, and topped off with water and food, we set sail for Prideaux Haven in Desolation Sound. Uncharacteristically, we enjoyed a nice sail downwind up the Strait of Georgia. Hands down, it was the best sail we've had in the Strait. I always forget how beautiful it is to sail into Desolation Sound. I love watching the mountains get bigger and bigger as we sail closer.

We anchored in the safety and quiet of Prideaux Haven. Surrounded by huge mountains, it makes a picturesque anchorage. Moody weather shrouded the mountains in low-hanging clouds, exposing and accentuating the layers and layers of steep slopes that march into the distance.

After a peaceful night, we paddled to shore the next morning. We hiked through humid air over to Melanie Cove where, two years ago, we had spent four nights sitting out a 80 knot wind storm that was raging in the Strait of Georgia. We had stayed snug tucked inside Melanie with just the occasional puff of wind sneaking in. I have such good cozy memories from that rainy trip. From Melanie Cove we hiked over to Laura Cove. The forest between these two coves feels so primeval, I half expect dinosaurs to cross our path and I always feel like something is stalking me.

After our hike we returned to the boat for a yummy dinner. We spent the evening on the foredeck playing a card game and enjoying the lovely views of the mountains surrounding us. I feel so lucky to be able to be there with so few boats. We have yet to witness the crowds we have heard this little cove contains during the high season.

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