Sunday, October 20, 2013

Toba Inlet

Last year it was Aaron's heart's desire to venture up Toba Inlet, but he was merely teased by the views as we peered at the entrance from our anchorage at the Wildernest. This year we plunged into the fjord through frigid, pouring rain. We were rewarded with otherworldly views of massive mountains rising out of milky ocean waters filled with glacial run-off. Sheer cliffs dissapeared into the clouds draped over the mountains and waterfalls crashed down into the sea. Two steaming cups of hot cocoa and a thermos of tea helped warm our cold, wet bones during the soggy day. 

Later and much further south, the clouds broke and sunshine made a welcome appearance. While I was drying myself on the foredeck, talking to my mom on the phone (due to cell phone coverage that we hadn't seen in over a week), a dozen Pacific white-sided dolphins leaped through the air in the distance. Through a series of high-pitched squeaking noises I managed to get the boys up on deck to watch them as they hauled through the water towards our boat and passed by at an astonishingly fast speed. It was a perfect cap to a spectacular day before we re-entered civilization at the tiny outpost of Squirrel Cove on Cortes Island. 

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