Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy 14th Birthday Isaac!

We celebrated Isaac's 14th birthday nestled in uber-protected Melanie Cove as we awaited the arrival of a major storm. Isaac had hoped for rain on his birthday so we could spend the day snuggled in the boat with a board game he had hoped he might receive. Let me tell you, Isaac must have some special pull with the rain gods because, did we ever get rain. We all awoke early on his birthday to the intermittent pitter-patter on the cabin top. After Isaac opened his presents, including the hoped for Rune Wars game, we watched the colors of the sunrise over the mountains reflected in the waters below. We spent the day relaxing on the boat as Isaac built Legos followed by an afternoon and evening of epic board game battles. For dinner I made a cozy chicken barley stew as Jason and I sipped on some wine. Jason managed to talk me into trying an oyster he had gathered, pointing out his triumph of not been paralyzed by the previous one he had consumed. I ate one, which I still cannot say I like, and Jason had two. A while later he turned to me and said, "I think my lips are numb. Are your lips numb?" My head started to swim. Good God. Paralysis on Isaac's birthday! With apprehension we waited and ate dinner. Luckily none of my panicked thoughts came true but I think Jason has come around to my point of view on shellfish gathering and consumption. After dinner we all sang happy birthday and savored Isaac's favorite chocolate pot-au-cream that I had made. Happy 14th birthday Isaac!

Click here for photos.


  1. I am surprised you two aren't paralyzed just from the thought of it.

  2. The light in these photos is stunning.