Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Comox was our last stop before we headed off into the wilderness of Desolation Sound so we took some time to make some final preparations. We found a physical therapist who unlocked my frozen wrist and gave me stretches to help increase my mobility. Isaac had an aching tooth that looked like it may have a cavity so we took him to a dentist who just smiled and informed us it was just a baby tooth working its way loose. Oops...we thought he had already lost them all. We stocked up on uber-delicious king salmon steaks bought from the fisherman down the dock from us (we've been daydreaming about these since last year), topped off our water tanks, washed five loads of smelly laundry and took our final showers. We even managed to find time to hike trails close to us and, of course, eat some gelato.

Click here for photos.

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