Thursday, October 10, 2013

Homfray Channel

The rain finally stopped and the clouds parted so we pulled up the anchor and headed into the much anticipated and mountainous Homfray Channel. We watched the slowly changing vista of mountains that were reluctant to give up their blankets of clouds as we motored up the windless channel. Clouds hanging low among mountains is favorite Taylor family scenery. We decided to spend the night tied up to a dock at hydro-electric-powered Homfray Lodge that sits perched on steep shores in the middle of this rugged wilderness. Here we enjoyed free, time-limitless hot showers and a spectacular sunset over dramatic scenery. The next morning, we filled our water tanks with stream water that tumbled down from Mount Denman high above, and as we motored away through pouring rain, we looked back at the huge lodge that looked so tiny on the edge of the steep, densely forested mountain that looked ready to swallow it up. It was another reminder of how inhospitable this land is for humans and why Captain Vancouver named it Desolation Sound. We imagined his ships drifting through the windless waters aimlessly, staring at land so forbidding with its densely vegetated, steep terrain, devoid of food, topped off with threat of grizzly bears on the mainland. Desolation Sound seems a fitting name indeed. Sure is pretty though.

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  1. More amazing pictures. Isaac is getting to look more like Jason