Wednesday, October 2, 2013


We set out early in the morning with the tide to cross the Strait of Georgia to Desolation Sound. The weather gods smiled on us this time and we had a peaceful crossing. As we approached the mountains that tower over Desolation we were shocked at how immense the mountains are. Having been here last year it's amazing how we had already forgotten their impressiveness. It's really not something I can describe or capture with photos. It's something you have to experience yourself, apparently more then once in our case. Although I'm sure we'll forget and be just as amazed next time.

We anchored in Tenedos Bay where there is a hike to Lake Unwin. The weather and water were still warm but we opted out of a swim in the ocean due to swarms of jellyfish. Instead we hopped into the kayaks and headed to shore for a hike to the mountain lake. The boys waded around in the warm water and made return plans for a swim the next day, this time, armed with towels. Back at the boat, Jason left us behind and paddled out of the cove to where it is supposed to be safe to harvest shellfish. I thought gathering and eating oysters was a bad idea given that where we were anchored it was deemed unsafe to harvest shellfish. I tried to reason with him that he should wait until we were closer to medical facilities just in case he should eat an oyster with paralytic shellfish poisoning. He said it was fine....I could just call the Coast Guard. Ok...I guess I had to be fine with him poisoning himself far from medical help, but could he at least wait until after Isaac's birthday which was in two days? So he didn't ruin his son's 14th birthday with shellfish poisoning? Please? I already ruined his birthday party with a broken wrist, surely, paralysis must be worse. I need to learn to be more convincing. He came back to the boat triumphant, struggled through opening one, and popped it into his mouth. Luckily he made it through the night with no major complications and the following day we hiked back to the lake for a swim.

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  1. Hey Guys! Its Nick Palmer. You are living a dream life. The boys look great. Congrats :)