Sunday, November 3, 2013

Squirrel Cove to Smugglers Cove

With another big storm looming in the forecast we decided to hightail it south. First we knocked off a quick hike among the old-growth trees in Squirrel Cove before setting sail. We welcomed the much-missed sunshine with open arms and basked in its glorious warmth as we lazily sailed to the little Swedish village of Lund where we tied up to a dock for the night and visited Nancy's famous bakery. The following day we enjoyed another day of sunshine before we tucked into the teensy-tiny Smugglers Cove named for its history of hiding sailors with illegal cargo such as alcohol or Chinese workers. It's uber-narrow entry makes it almost impossible to see from a distance and nerve-wracking to enter. After the anchor was dropped and our stern was tied to shore, Isaac dropped our crab pot in hopes of crab dinner. After being skunked so many times, he pulled it out after dinner to find a dungeoness crab of appropriate size. Jason excitedly boiled a pot of water and cooked him. I cried. But everyone agreed he was delicious.

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