Friday, November 15, 2013

Princess Cove to Port Townsend

The following day we went for a lovely hike on Wallace Island where we came upon an old cabin that had been completely covered with wooden signs that boaters had made and left behind as proof that they had been there. We spent some time checking out the artwork and made plans to make our own for our next visit. When we got back to the boat we set out for Bedwell Harbor, our final stop in Canada before heading back into the U.S. Here another downpour set in and the following day Jason had a hard time coaxing us out of the boat to keep him company as we motored back into the U.S. We did, however, have an unexpected visitor just after we crossed the border. We watched as a Coast Guard boat raced towards us at an astonishing speed. They flagged us down, asked us a series of questions, decided not to board our boat and let us continue on our way. We checked back into the U.S. at Friday Harbor where we ate a yummy dinner before anchoring in Griffin Bay as the sun set. The next morning we set out early through Cattle Pass where we saw stellar sea lions and porpoises out hunting for breakfast. We arrived in Port Townsend just before lunch allowing us time to relax and eat good food for the rest of the day. Our final day on the water was gorgeous. We had all forgotten how beautiful Puget Sound is, flanked by the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, and with Mount Rainer looming in the distance. We're lucky to have such an amazing home port.

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