Friday, July 24, 2015

Rugged Point

From the pictures, I'd say that we must have had a nice sail down to Rugged Point, but honestly, I can't remember. We anchored in a little cove all by ourselves and hopped in the kayaks to paddle to shore. As we neared the shore the water became ridiculously beautiful and Thailand-like. Is there anything BC doesn't have? Sheesh! When we got to shore there were signs warning of an unprovoked cougar attack last year along with a recommendation of carrying large sticks. Wary of cougar-on-human/chihuahua violence, we all searched through driftwood for the perfect cougar-hitting club. Once appropriately armed we followed a trail through the forest to a gorgeous stripey beach where we spent the afternoon hiking and exploring.

Click here for photos.

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  1. It makes me feel better that you all went around armed and ready for a cougar attack.