Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bunsby Islands Solitude

The Bunsby Islands are a marine provincial park and a sea kayakers paradise. We anchored in cozy West Nook and took to the kayaks. We paddled through the maze of tiny islands past sea otters to the outer edge where the swells rolled in from the open ocean. We paused here to listen to the swells and soak in the beauty of the seascape that surrounded us. We were entranced as we slowly bobbed up and down in solitude above a forest of kelp that reached for the surface while sea otters watched us from a distance. When we came out of our blissed-out, wow-we-can't-really-believe-we're-here-experiencing-this trance, we paddled to a beach to explore. Aaron and I found a perfect kayakers camp covered thick in fluffy moss which we tested out. It was so soft and perfect you wouldn't even need a pad to sleep beneath the canopy of old growth trees. Back on the boat we watched a small storm blow through our anchorage leaving behind a rainbow and a perfect, glowing God-light sunset in its wake.

Click here for photos.

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