Friday, July 3, 2015

Epic Grocery Run

We had an epic grocery run. When we got back to Campbell River we decided to provision while we had the rental car. So I got a bunch of groceries (shocking, I know) and put them in the back of the car. We drove to Painters Lodge and loaded all 100 lbs of food (mostly Petits Plaisiers Digestivs) plus luggage into a dock cart. (Remember in the last post when we were eating dinner at April Point and watching the water shuttles getting pounded out in the waves and wind, and feeling so bad for the poor schmucks inside the boat? We were now those schmucks.) So I wheeled the over-loaded dock cart (with a flat tire) down the ramp and onto the heaving dock. The water taxi arrived and we loaded all the groceries and luggage, bucket brigade style into the, also heaving boat. Then there was some question as to whether the boat would actually leave the dock or not. Our driver turned to us, white-faced but trying to be brave, and said, "ok, we're going to go for it. We're gonna take it slow though so it'll be about fifteen minutes". *gulp* I handed everyone ginger chews and off we lunged. The driver had to tack back and forth, pounding into the waves and then surfing down them. I was white-knuckled and praying as I imagined the flat-bottomed boat flipping over and sinking to the bottom of the ocean when Isaac turns and says, "Emma would have loved this!" I am happy to say we made it safely to the other side with no vomiting and we unloaded our groceries and luggage, bucket-brigade style, into another dock cart onto another heaving dock which I then wheeled up the ramp to the lodge. The front desk called the marina manager, whom we have affectionately nicknamed Epic Larry, to give us a ride back to the marina but Epic Larry was nowhere to be found. What to do?? Golf cart, obviously! So one of the hotel staff helped us load up a golf cart to shuttle us back to the marina. Aaron and Pika rode shotgun, Isaac and Jason stood on the back to keep the groceries from falling off and I ran behind videoing along the way. Total insanity.

Click here for a video.

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