Monday, July 6, 2015

Burdwood Group

Things are getting better. Maybe the Broughtons will redeem themselves after all. After Kwatsi Bay we anchored in the lovely Burdwood Group. This is normally an afternoon anchorage because of its exposure, but after searching out the perfect spot and with the weather so settled we were able to spend a night there. We paddled through tropical, blue-green waters and landed on an idyllic white-shell beach. Sometimes BC is so tropical I just can't even believe it, but we should keep it a secret, eh? On shore we hiked a short trail across the island where we saw our first culturally-modified cedars. These are trees where the First Nations people stripped sections of the bark to use for clothing and shelter. When we got back to the beach we watched, with curiosity, a photo shoot of a family from the super-upscale Nimmo Bay Resort. They sat in kayaks and on paddle boards as the photographer directed and clicked away. I can't really explain it but I felt like our realities were worlds apart. It was a bit strange. We spent the rest of the afternoon paddling through the gorgeous, crystal-clear waters among tiny islets. We ended the day with a swim off of the kayaks and a lovely sunset.

Click here for photos.

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