Sunday, July 19, 2015

Columbia Cove

Oh my gosh, Brooks Peninsula and Columbia Cove are so amazingly beautiful. I have to hand it to the First Nations folks, they really know how to pick a village spot. We landed our kayaks on the beach at low tide and walked through pillow-soft sand on the long tidal sand flat to the forest entrance where potlatches used to be held. I imagine that the celebrations must have been grand in such a splendid setting. We hiked through gorgeous old-growth forest amongst ancient, towering giants over to a huge, soft sand beach. We had the entire beach completely to ourselves. There was not another living, human soul there. After exploring further, we found out that we were not, in fact, alone. Pressed into the sand were the huge paw prints of what could only have been a wolf. We followed them to the water line where they disappeared under the rising tide. We explored rock formations with blue-green pockets of Carribean style water. It was like being at the Baths in the British Virgin Islands (one of the most beautiful places we have ever been), except we had this paradise completely to ourselves. We saw reminders of civilization and traces of man that the wild waters of the Pacific had deposited amongst the driftwood. We rummaged through the giant, weathered logs where we found litter from Japan, Taiwan and Australia. We spent two afternoons here, totally blissed out, exploring, playing in the water and beach-combing in perfect hot, sunny weather. As we kayaked back to the boat, we explored a sea crevice. It was a thrilling ride as the waves picked us up and pushed us deep into a fissure in the black rock and then spat us out again. Later as we relaxed in the sun on the foredeck after a swim, we watched a huge osprey dive-bomb a bald eagle as a sea lion slowly swam by. We sat back and let our souls soak up the wild, remote beauty and felt incredibly thankful that Marinero can bring us to such amazing places.

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