Sunday, May 1, 2016

Petaluma to the Coast

Lake Tahoe to Petaluma was a beautiful drive. It was so cool watching the scenery change as we dropped down out of the mountains and drove into wine country. We met old friends at a Mexican restaurant in Petaluma's cute downtown. Afterwards we retired to their house where Isaac played guitar and we caught up late into the night. We had lots and lots of Sylvia disaster stories that we told as the night wore on. Just as we were getting ready for bed Isaac turns to our friends and says, "Sylvia lit on fire once." It was awesome to have that come out of the blue.

We camped in their driveway that night. We spent the morning visiting and sharing more Sylvia disaster stories. Reliving these stories in a compressed amount of time made me question out loud if we are insane. It seemed like no matter what the subject was, we had a Sylvia disaster story to relate. Tornadoes? Yep. Fire? Yep. Gas spewing out the back? Yep. Wheel falling off? Yep. Apparently our friends had already been thinking we were insane way before I caught on.

We said our goodbyes and drove up Mount Tam with hopes of views over the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. Being a rainy, cloudy day we were denied a view as we climbed up and up and up into the mountains. It was still beautiful even if we couldn't see anything. We descended down to the beach and hit beautiful Highway 1. After a couple of hours of driving we pulled into Bodega Bay, snagged one of the last campsites and stretched our legs with a walk to the beach.

Click here for photos.

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