Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Our original plan for our trip through California was to go to Yosemite after Bishop but both passes across the Sierra Nevadas were still closed and the thought of so much extra driving (along with hoards of crowds) persuaded us to skip it. We'll have to visit another time.

As we drove up Highway 1 we planned to go through the Redwoods but when we hit Mendocino we were totally fried on driving the camper van on such winding, insane roads. We seriously contemplated skipping them altogether and just heading to the interstate. In the end we bucked up and finished Highway 1. What can I say about the Redwoods? Obviously they are ginormously tall and super old. It's mind-boggling to think about all the human history that has passed during their lifetimes. It was really quite awe-inspiring to think about as we wandered around feeling tiny as an ant at the base of their trunks. I'm so happy we didn't wimp out and shared time walking with the boys among these ancient, immense living things.

Click here for photos.

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