Thursday, May 19, 2016

Watmough Bay

It isn't until we arrive at Watmough Bay that we truly feel like we are out cruising. We were a bit frazzled and exhausted from our camper van adventure followed by the week of crazy trip prep in Seattle so we took our time in Watmough to let the islands start to sink in. We spent three lovely, roll-y nights there in celebration of being back on the boat.

We started our first day with a slow morning followed by some yoga on the foredeck. After lunch we hiked up Chadwick Hill to gorgeous views and the swing of doom. After the boys each took a turn, Aaron gave me a wild ride, making the swing of doom live up to its name. Late afternoon we returned to the boat where Jason and I toasted the day with a beer in triumphant celebration on the foredeck in the sunshine followed by our first test run of the new BBQ. Wowee! What a difference a new BBQ makes. No one stopped by the boat even once to see if we were on fire. I managed to perfectly cook salmon on the first try. No more blackened crisps for us! It was magical.

Day 2 was basically a repeat of Day 1 with a hike to Coleville Point instead, though there was some excitement on the beach before we got there. The beautiful old schooner, Adventuress, had anchored in the bay earlier in the day and was offloading all of its passengers. We noticed some smoke on the beach and thought they must be teaching the kids how to build a bonfire or put it out. We couldn't really tell. When we got to the beach we started a conversation with some of passengers at which point they told us that a couple from another boat had finished a hike, dropped a cigarette in the driftwood and dinghied back to their boat. Meanwhile their cigarette started a fire that the Adventuress crew had to put out via bucket brigade while the cigerette-dropping couple raised anchor and motored away. Yay for the Adventuress! Bad, bad, bad to the couple from the Hans Christian. We were lucky there were people on the beach ready to put out the fire.

When we got back from our hike we were hot and sticky. We couldn't resist a dip so we put on our swimming suits and hopped in. It felt soooo good. I still can't believe that we were able to comfortably swim at 4:30pm in mid-May at Watmough! I find that both totally crazy and sweetly blissful.

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