Friday, April 29, 2016

Lake Tahoe

After three glorious days of bouldering in Bishop, we packed up and headed north to Lake Tahoe. We learned that Death Valley wasn't our last day of serious hills for Sylvia, though none were as dramatic. I guess it's only fair since we were doing so much climbing ourselves that she should do her share. We climbed out of the Owens River Valley, past Mono Lake and up and up and up. And then as you'd expect we went down and down and down. After so many hours of remote roads I was in serious need of a bathroom stop which landed us at this sweet little cafe where we split the most delicious peach/blueberry pie ever and the boys slurped down chocolate shakes. Not only was the food delicious, the people there were interesting to talk to. Jason complimented some guy on his Corvette we were parked next to and then a dirtbag-looking guy sitting next to Corvette-guy complimented us on Sylvia. Corvette-guy looked a little annoyed.

After climbing back into Sylvia for our final descent down into Lake Tahoe, poor Jason knocked out a new dental filling....drinking water. We arrived in Tahoe and he commenced trying to find a dentist who would take him that evening. As luck would have it, he found one and got all fixed up. We had decided to stay in a hotel for the night so we drove from the dentist to a nice hotel where I was welcomed with glasses of champagne at check-in. I thought this was hilarious given the vehicle we had just arrived in so I asked if I could take the glasses outside with me. Isaac snapped photos of Jason (with half of his face paralyzed from novocaine) and I toasting in front of the camper van.

The next morning we drove narrow, winding road to the famous Emerald Bay. We hiked down to Vikingsholm, a huge early-1900's mansion built in the style of Norwegian castles, on the waters edge. On the beach, Isaac befriended the nicest goose ever and on the hike back up we watched a coyote just hanging out, totally unfazed by people. After lunch up on the rocks overlooking Emerald Bay we hit the road. Our goal for the day was Petaluma where we had plans to visit one of Jason's old high school friends and his family.

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  1. looks like some beautiful water color

  2. You make everything look so beautiful