Monday, April 4, 2016

Quick Trip to Seattle

We had an extraordinarily great snowy winter at home. An awesome schedule of classes kept us busy and we still managed to squeeze in roughly twenty days of downhill skiing, plenty of little cross-country ski outings and lots of yoga and climbing. We are now on the move again so it's time to catch up on the blog with not a lot to report. We made a quick trip out to Seattle where we mostly just ate (as you will see from the photos)....and wished we were heading out in the sailboat. The boat is our hotel room when we go to Seattle. It was nice to back on her but hard to be stationary. The boat was without sails because we are having a new mainsail being built and the jib just finished being repaired.

In between eating we managed to squeeze in a trip to the Nordic Heritage Museum where we learned more about what it must have been like for my great-grandparents to emigrate to the U.S. There was also a really cool exhibit of ceramic flowers, a collaborative effort of artists from Bergen, Norway, about impermanence. It was super cool and nerve-wracking to step through the colorful, handmade ceramic flowers that have traveled around the world. We were informed at the entrance that it was ok if we accidentally broke one but they didn't encourage running through the room and kicking them. Good to know.

We also made a trip to the Eastside where we visited old haunts from when we lived there. We ate lunch at our favorite family-owned pizza place. We have been regulars there since before the boys were born and they always remember us when we come in. It's so nice to have history with the family there. They watched my belly grow with my boys and have watched them grow from babies to men on our frequent visits back. They were amazed to see my boys towering over me now and marveled at Isaac's Viking beard when we walked through the doors.

Click here for photos.

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