Monday, June 15, 2015

Making Music in Paradise

We interrupted our lounging about, swimming and paddling to hike the infamous Trappers Cabin hike. It was just as steep as last time but less painful because we hiked at a more sane speed this time. Last time we completed, at death-march speed, the entire hike in two painful hours. This time our leisurely pace brought us there and back in about four hours....much more relaxing. This time I also had a water filter in my pack so we got to enjoy water fresh from the mountain stream along the way. Super delicious and satisfying. The waterfall up top was just as gorgeous as last time only running lower than last year so it was easier to poke out and enjoy the long view down the inlet. Back at the boat we immediately jumped into the water to wash the sweat and dirt away.

Later in the afternoon we met up with Chris from San Juan Sufficiency. After a dinner of fried rice, Isaac went over to Chris's boat with his guitar and the two sat together through the evening sharing songs with each other. The following evening Chris joined us in our cockpit with his two guitars and everyone played guitar and sang until Aaron fell asleep and the sun set.

The following morning we tore ourselves away from Princess Louisa to re-enter the flow of time and life (though I managed to squeeze in a last minute, parting swim before we fired up the engine). I watched the kids as they glanced back time and again trying to burn the Princess experience into their brains forever, with heavy hearts we bid her a sorrowful goodbye. She is still our favorite place on earth. We will miss her terribly.

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  1. It is paradise. And I get to see it without the long and strenuous walk. Yea!