Friday, June 5, 2015

Blissed Out in Buccaneer Bay

First thing to know about Buccaneer Bay is that the anchoring is 0.7 miles from the beach and, in our experience, the current, wind and waves are always against you when you paddle a kayak to or from your boat. Expect to get wet. We spent two nights here and plenty of hours on the beach. Emma decided it was her favorite place on earth and that she would never leave. We spent our first afternoon wiggling our feet in shlarpy, wet sand until we sunk in up to our knees and all of the silliness that accompanies such activity. Dismayed that we hadn't worn our bathing suits, we settled on a wading session, after which the boys received their very first ballet lesson. I can't think of a more picturesque place to learn ballet and jump around like a half crazed monkey.

The next day we had a lazy morning in the boat while we waited for the misting drizzle to stop and the sun to come out. After lunch we paddled into the beach. First order of business was drip castles. Emma taught Aaron how to make amazing, stalagmite-esque castles by dripping wet sand in piles while Jason and Isaac went head to head in a long jump contest. The long jump was followed by a foot-race where Isaac totally smoked Jason. It was awesome to watch him pull away from his old man like he was standing still. Isaac and Emma had a wobbly cartwheel race that ended in giggles. All the activity left everyone hungry so we sat down to a snack. Luckily we had not made the same mistake we had made the previous day and we remembered to lock the Cheez Puffs in the hatch of the kayak. The day before we had left the Cheez Puffs out and a raven had taken them, eaten them all and then heckled Jason as he looked in vain for them. The kids then stripped down to their swimming suits and headed into the ocean. The breeze was a bit too much for us older folk to join so we watched them shiver from afar. We ended the day with a walk down the beach as we watched orcas in the strait. Pure bliss.

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