Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Arrival at Princess Louisa Inlet

Princess Louisa Inlet is one of those rare places on earth where time feels like it stands still. When we are there I feel like we step out of the flow of time and the rest of the world marches on without us. The peace, solitude and insane beauty soothe the soul and we relax into happiness.

We arrived at Princess Louisa after a night's staging at Egmont where we walked to the infamous Skookumchuck Rapids which left us sweaty and stinky for our dinner reservation at the upscale West Coast Wilderness Lodge. Perched over the water, the lodge has stunning views of the islands below. It felt strange to be sitting in such an elegant setting in our grubby clothes on our way to the middle of nowhere. The following day we made our way up Jervis Inlet and hit Malibu Rapids at slack. After making it through safely, we watched in awe as the magic and beauty of Princess Louisa unfolded. This is our second time here and I still don't have words that can describe what it is to be here. It takes our breath away.

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  1. What a gorgeous place and great looking restaurant. If only there was a McDonalds ... sigh