Monday, June 1, 2015

Bowen Island

Somebody has to stop me....I keep buying and hoarding food. I bought all of the aforementioned food when we were in Seattle. I bought more when we were in Sidney and I'm ashamed to say I went to the grocery store three times in the two days we spent on Bowen Island. I imagine the places we are headed are so remote I won't ever find food again even though we have been to many of these places and I know they do have food. It's a terrible affliction to have. 

Our eating trend continued at Bowen. After our arrival we promptly bee-lined to the French crepe restaurant for lunch followed by afternoon tea at the coffee shop. The kids and Jason then checked out a bookstore while I went to the grocery store. After showers and wifi catch-up we walked up to the pizza place and ordered pizzas for take-out. While we waited, I went to the grocery store....again. We ate our pizza dinner at the beachfront park. After dinner I stowed away our groceries and we went for a sunset walk. 

The kids were pooped by the time we got to Bowen so the following day we took it easy. The kids spent the morning around the table drawing, writing and reading together. While Jason and I were drinking our morning caffeine out on the foredeck a man walked by and complimented our boat color and nailed it as sea foam green. He then circled back and asked if we'd like a watercolor of our boat. We took him up on his offer and he set up an easel on the dock. The kids occasionally popped out of the boat to check his progress throughout the morning. The painting turned out beautiful and it now hangs on our wall in the salon. In the afternoon Isaac and Emma helped Jason apply another coat of varnish to the toe rail while I....went to the grocery store....again. We then roused ourselves out of the boat for a short hike up the hill for a gorgeous view over the water. For dinner we discovered the Japanese restaurant, Shika Provisions. We ordered grilled rice balls that bordered on divine. Seriously. We ordered five more to bring back to the boat so I could reheat them the following night. I still miss the rice balls. 

Click here for photos.


  1. Wish we could get this guy to do our boat!

  2. I don't know how to get ahold of him but his name is Tyler Wallace and he lives on Bowen Island so he shouldn't be too hard to find. The final painting turned out beautiful.