Monday, January 7, 2013

Roche Harbor to Seattle

Back in the U.S., we buzzed through our favorite spots (Roche Harbor, Jones Island, Watmough) on our way back down to Seattle. We spent a sleep-deprived night in Port Townsend where a dog kept us up through the night with its loud, uncomfortably close barks. In the morning we were awakened by blaring classical music at 6am. When I took Pika up for her morning bathroom break, I met the dog who had kept us awake when I was blockaded from the ramp down to our boat by the large German Shephard who had been roaming the docks through the night. Not sure if he was going to try to eat Pika or not, I was worried to approach him. A tired, angry fellow sailboat owner approached me asking me if it was my boat that was blaring the music. I informed him that it was the motor boat belonging to the dog's owner that was blaring the music. "Of course, it would be the motor boat," he replied. Seeing that the dog was blocking my way and angry about the early wake-up call he proceeded to call the police. After safely making it back to our boat without Pika being eaten, the noise-pollution offender approached our boat. Being too tired and annoyed to talk with him, I sent Jason up. Jason informed him that he had woken us up too early, to which he replied, "What!? It's Vivaldi!" (I have to admit here that Vivaldi is a nice way to wake up in the's the hour at which we were awaken after his dog roamed the docks next to our boat barking that we protest.) As it turns out, he was quite an interesting fellow from Quadra Island up in the Desolation Sound area. He was staying in Port Townsend taking a class at the Wooden Boat Center. Being from the wilderness of Quadra Island, he is used to living without any rules, so he was annoyed with all of the regulations he was encountering in the U.S. so he decided he was going to wake everyone up early just to make them angry. After a lengthy and interesting conversation, he handed Jason his "business card," which was his name handwritten onto a piece of wood. It seems that there are a never-ending supply of interesting people in the world, especially the sailing world. The early wake-up call allowed us to sail away early down Admiralty Inlet to Puget Sound where we tucked Marinero into her slip after our long journey. The next day Jason headed into the office while the boys did a stupendous job washing down the outside of the boat while I scrubbed the inside. After spending seven amazing weeks on Marinero we hopped into the car and hit I-90 headed for home.

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