Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Portugal 2013

So I thought that we were going to Istanbul but we jumped through every hoop that we could jump through and pulled every string we could pull to try to get Pika into Turkey on short notice but....we couldn't. The earliest we could have gotten her into the country was in four months. I will spare you the details of pet importation laws. I know, a lot ridiculous to not go because of our silly chihuahua. Jason had an important meeting there and didn't really have a choice, so we sadly said goodbye just after the New Year. It wasn't easy watching him leave when we wanted to go have an adventure with him, but there was no other option. Our plan was to meet him in Portugal in one week when Pika's rabies vaccine was legit in EU countries. En route Jason changed his mind and decided that after Istanbul he would stay a few days in Zurich where we would meet as we flew through on our way to Portugal. Six days after Jason left, after much anticipation, we finally boarded the airplane where we got our first taste (perhaps only taste) of flying international business class....dangerously, highly addictive. We were graciously welcomed on board our first plane into first class where the boys enjoyed juice and free snack boxes. In Chicago, we passed our time in the Swiss Air business class lounge where the boys helped themselves to big plates of fruit. In the next plane they were delighted by their huge seat pods that awaited them. On take-off we were handed champagne and orange juice along with a menu of our meal choices as our high-tech seats massaged our lower backs (we used to get kicked out of Brookstones for spending too much time in those chairs). Within an hour, our three-course meal was set before us.  With full tummies and plenty of screen-time logged, we all laid our seats flat into the bed position and fell asleep. With two hours of sleep under our belts we were awoken in time to eat breakfast just before landing. It was such luxury to not feel like my body was twisted and frozen into pretzel by the time I got off of the airplane. I am feeling quite spoiled. After groggily working our way through the Zurich airport, we were surprised by Jason as we climbed off of an escalator. After many rounds of hugs and kisses, we sat at a nearby table where he showered us with gifts and I ordered caffeine before heading to our final plane. 

After 22 hours of travel we finally arrived in Lisbon where we caught a taxi that took us to our apartment in Chiado where we deposited our stuff before heading out. We had important matters that needed to be attended to immediately....coffee....and pastries. We ducked around the corner and settled into a coffee shop where we ordered a pingado (espresso with a small dab of milk) and a meia de leit (latte). Next we walked to Confeitaria Nacional where we ordered three Pasteis de Natas (pastries of the nation) and a bolo arroz (rice cake). With these needs sufficiently satisfied, we blearily walked the familiar streets back to the apartment for a little rest before our 7:30 dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Lisbon, Sacremento.

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  1. The adventures continue. Great that you all are back together. Yea!