Tuesday, January 22, 2013


With sunshine in the forecast, we hopped onto a train destined for the beachtown of Cascais. Though we love Lisboa, it was a bit of a relief to be away from the bustle and noise of the tiny streets and tinier sidewalks. We played on the beach, clambered up rocks, and took a walk along the ocean to see the Boca do Inferno where water thunders against the rock walls and caves creating enormous spray. When we reached the inferno it was low tide so we opted to walk back into town for lunch in a tiny patio restaurant perched next to the water where we basked in the sunshine, watched the Atlantic waves roll in, and only occasionally fed the stray cats that lurked around our table. Once properly full, we headed across the road to the  Condes De Castro Guimaraes Museum where we first explored the gardens and the kids ran free with the threat of speeding cars gone. Upon entering the museum we were led on a tour where we learned that the mansion was built by a wealthy Irish man and then sold to a Portuguese Count. The highlight of the tour was the library where we saw an illuminated book of Lisboa's history. Having our fill of period piece furniture and facts that quickly faded from memory, we headed back to the Boca do Inferno arriving in time for high tide where we watched wave after wave smash into the caves blowing huge poofs of water everywhere.

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  1. You guys find so many cool and beautiful places. Wow!