Saturday, August 6, 2016

Nuchatlitz to Tahsis

Oh man, I'm so far behind on the blog, but I will get caught up.

From the Bunsby's we headed to Nuchatlitz, an abandoned First Nations village. Along the way we passed by rafts of sea otters who watched our boat cautiously as they lounged on their backs and munched whatever goodies they had resting on their bellies. They were so stinking cute.

We arrived at Nuchatlitz in the early afternoon so we paddled to shore to explore. We walked along a long, sandy finger out to a small island. We watched the time and tide carefully to be sure we didn't get trapped out on the island when high tide swallowed our sandy finger path. When we got back to our kayaks we each took a toboggan run down the steep rocky beach into the water.

The following day we enjoyed a light upwind sail into Esperanza Inlet. Our friends from Sea Otter and Columbia Cove were ahead of us. As we slowly gained on them the wind almost completely died. We slowly bobbed side by side, giving each other inspiration to try to sail though there really was no wind. Eventually we each gave up and fired up our engines to get us through the dead zone. It wasn't long before the wind picked up again and we were able to turn off the engine to sail the rest of the way to the tiny town of Tahsis where we tied up to a dock for the night.

We spent a soul-sucking afternoon under an umbrella at a table in the dock cafe catching up on all things wifi after such a long time of no cell service. Just as I had finished uploading photos to the Internet one of our boat friends walked up the dock and asked if I'd like to go the grocery store with her. She had borrowed the marina car and was heading in. It was perfect timing. The little store didn't have a lot but I was able to stock up on a little milk along with some fruits and veggies which I was very thankful for since I am almost always in a panic about food when we are on the West Coast.

Click here for photos.

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