Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Friendly Cove

We left the old lumber town of Tahsis the next morning anxious to get back into wilderness. We expected winds to be flowing up Esperanza Inlet but we really didn't hit any wind until the very end when our destination was in sight. We raised sails anyway and beat into the wind for the last short mile or so. We pulled into Friendly Cove just as the coastal freighter, the U-Chuck, was pulling out as we waved to our buddy boat friends as we headed for a free space on the dock. We remembered from last year to tie up with our bow facing out otherwise the swells rolling in from the open ocean slap us in the butt all night long making our stay a bit uncomfortable. Unfortunately our memory had failed us on how loud and squeaky the dock was and as we laid awake that night we wished we had dropped our anchor instead.

Once we were tied up to the dock we didn't waste any time. We had been long anticipating our arrival back in Friendly Cove with dreams of bouldering on the beach in mind so we grabbed our climbing shoes and headed for the beach. Friendly Cove has one of our favorite beaches of all time. The rocks on the beach look like they have been put through a rock polisher and its the perfect place to lounge around soaking up the warmth of the rocks and spend hours searching through its perfectly polished, shiny pebbles. We always come back to the boat with our shorts hanging low from our bulging pockets full of treasure. This time we eagerly arrived and crammed our feet into our climbing shoes and hopped onto the beach boulders. We created routes and took turns climbing them. In between climbs I lounged around on the beach digging through the polished pebbles with Aaron. We climbed until our muscles ached. As we we leaving Aaron dropped his favorite rock on the beach. Jason and Isaac forged ahead to the light house while Aaron and I searched through millions of pebbles to find his favorite rock. Just as we were about to give up he realized he was holding it in his hand all along. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does things like that. We had a lovely, meandering walk back up the beach past the welcoming man statue with his arms outstretched to the sea and back up to the trail that led us back to our boat.

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