Thursday, October 8, 2015

Port Alberni Yacht Club

Our next stop was Port Alberni Yacht Club. Jason had read that the people were friendly and we could all use a shower so it seemed like a good choice. We tied up at the dock and hopped off Marinero to check things out. Happy hour was already in full swing so we grabbed chips, salsa and a beer and joined the other boaters. One of the people there was Coast Guard so the conversation was interesting and lively. He had so many entertaining stories of yahoos getting themselves into ridiculous predicaments. I hope to never be one of those people. Being Canadian, he was extremely well-tempered about it all. It was hilarious to hear how politely he would respond with his Canadian 'anger' when people were really ticking him off, "excuse me sir, I'll just wait here for you while the tide changes." Eventually we parted ways so we could get showered and I could make dinner. Upon mentioning dinner, someone asked what I was making and when I told him curry, his nose wrinkled. After showering, I was walking down the dock, when I heard him yell, "are you sure you REALLY want curry for dinner? I have extra salmon steaks, if you'd like them." How could I say no to that!? Wow! I gratefully accepted and proudly boarded the boat with my catch. Everyone was delighted to be eating fresh salmon for dinner. Port Alberni really does live up to its reputation for being friendly.

The following morning we went for a hike. Again, we were looking for a sea cave we had heard about. Eventually we found it and clambered our way in through a tangle of logs. This cave was much longer and narrower. This time we were only armed with my iPhone for light. When the cave narrowed to a tiny triangular passage just big enough to wiggle through on your knees, the adults were, like, we're done. But Isaac snatched my phone and squeezed through. His delighted exclamations from the other side coaxed us all through. The walls were a glittery gold. Everyone left me alone in the chamber while I was taking photos and when I was scanning the walls with my light, I saw the...Biggest. Ugliest. What-I-thought-was-a-spider. Ever. There was even a pile of tiny bones under where it lurked on the ceiling. I couldn't control my shudders and shudder-related sounds as I imagined them smeared across my back and through my hair from when I squeezed through the tiny opening into the cavern. My heeby-jeeby sounds invoked curiosity from the other side of the opening and everyone squeezed back through to see what the fuss was all about. Everyone else was thrilled to see the creepy-crawly that turned out to be a cave cricket. *shudder*

From Port Alberni, we had an early afternoon departure to crowded Bamfield where we couldn't find any dock space. We anchored in the busy little harbor and climbed into the kayaks. Our goal was to walk over to Brady's Beach, the most-photographed beach on Vancouver Island. When we got to the dock Isaac lost his balance while standing on the tie-up railing. His cat-like reflexes kicked in and he somehow landed on the bow of the wobbly kayak and immediately sprung back up onto the dock. It was incredible, I have never seen anything like it. He looked just like Spider-Man when he lands on all fours and springs from roof-top to roof-top. When I got up onto the dock I realized that I couldn't really walk. While hiking to the sea cave I had rolled my foot. It didn't really give me any trouble on the hike but it had stiffened and walking wasn't really possible for me anymore. I tried my best to hobble to the beach but had to turn around after about 300 yards. Bummer. I hobbled back to Bamfield while the rest of the family continued on to the beach. Sad. They are all the biggest jerks ever.

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