Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Coming Full Circle

With a long day down the Strait of Juan de Fuca ahead of us, we woke up bright and early for a 7am departure to cover all of those miles. Our plan was to anchor near Victoria, unless we were making good time, then we would make a mad dash across the Strait to Port Angeles. It was a beautiful, glassy morning with big, slow-rolling swells. In the early-morning light we watched the swells lift fellow sailboats slowly into the air and then drop them so low we couldn't see them anymore. Mid-morning I spotted orcas nearby and as I rallied Aaron out of the boat, Isaac and Jason were treated to a full breach. A little later we saw humpbacks in the distance. In our three months on the water this summer, we had hardly seen any whales and on one of our last days out we were treated to the best whale-watching experience of the trip. Super cool.

The day was warm and calm, not a breath of wind to be found. Though we were bummed to be motoring, we enjoyed lazing about on the foredeck, basking in the sunshine, riding the slow-rolling, glassy swells, watching the gorgeous scenery and reflecting on our last couple of months on the the water mourning that it was almost done and rejoicing that we would soon be back home again with friends, all while Otto took the helm.....a perfect way to spend a down-day for someone with a bum foot. We were making great time so we headed across the strait to Port Angeles. After 12.5 hours and 91.5 miles we were back into the US having spent 2 1/2 months in Canada.

We found an empty spot on the dock and headed to shore to find dinner. We met another couple at the top of the docks and after some confusion we located a dock employee to issue us all dock keys so we could get back to our boats after dinner. We were all starving and when the other couple saw me hobbling on my hurt foot, the woman offered us their ride to the restaurant. Her husband was a little bit incredulous and little bit bummed to be left standing in the parking lot, but his wife was very gracious and insisted. Luckily the restaurant was only five minutes away so they didn't have to wait long. Many thanks for your kindness, random stranger. As we ate wicked delicious Thai food, we marveled at how it felt so strange to be back in the US again. It always feels like home after time in Canada, but it's hard to put a finger on exactly why.

The following morning we set out for Port Townsend where we crossed our old tracks and finished our circumnavigation of Vancouver Island. Crazy. We actually, officially did it! We anchored just off of downtown where we spent a pleasant night. The following day we made the final hop, under sail, downwind in perfect conditions all the way to Seattle. That never happens!

It felt so amazingly good to pull back into our marina and tuck Marinero back into her slip after three months away. It felt so good to come full circle. Now it was officially official. We really did it. Happy.

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