Wednesday, October 7, 2015


It was a short hop through the Broken Group to Effingham Bay. We sailed slowly under light winds into the little bay and dropped anchor where we spent another roll-y night. The following morning we paddled to shore for a lovely hike (where Pika got stung by a wasp and blamed it on me) through ginormous old-growth to a picturesque beach. We watched the view of the mountains shift as fog rolled across the water. We explored the beach, searching for a sea cave that we had read about. Eventually we found it and ventured into the fern-draped opening with one head lamp and an iPhone. The cave was not very deep so there was not a whole lot to explore but as Isaac scanned the upper section of the cavern with a light he found a pair of reflective eyes staring back at him....super cool and kinda creepy.

Click here for photos.

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