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Stuffies in Portugal by Aaron Taylor

Here is a story started by Aaron when we were in Portugal. I hope some day he has time to come back to this story and finish it.


Hawk: small stuffed hawk, talkative, not very smart and very beat up
Minenium: cute stuffed space ship
Spotty: small cute stuffed owl
Raven: small stuffed raven
Eagle: small smart stuffed eagle
Continental: stuffed airplane, LOVES metal
Yawm: fat stuffed air force one
Chick: puffy small stuffed chick, very cute
Eaagle: small beat up stuffed eagle
United: stuffed airplane
Big bear: big cute stuffed bear
Sleepy: cute sleepy stuffy
Finally Penguie: cute fluffy stuffed penguin.

            Chapter I
1.    airplane's favorite day.     1

One morning eaagle flew over to eagle and said "I don't remember sleeping where I woke up and my head hurts." "maybe you fell off the bed." said eagle "but I wasn't near the bed." "maybe you fell off the bed and rolled." said eagle "or maybe you weren't  very talkative because I have this friend and he's very talkative becAsE hE Is eVEn moRE tALkatIvE tHan eM BecAuSeE EeM nof erVy oLkaTeEv "hawk you talk so much about how not talkative you are that you are talkative" said eagle. hawk had never thought of that before. "OWW!!!" said hawk. "YoO tOt eeM a nOo iNgtH Ee dEnvEr OooN aTtH EebFoRe!" "Hawk I can't understand a single word your saying" "wel I nOo that" said hawk, when really he had no idea. United flys out of the room with Eagle and Eaagle flying close behind; Chick also follows; it's hard for him to fly with such small wings. They go to the toy room where the rest of the toys are. United plays catch the airplane with flat-bear, the little boy's oldest stuffy. Continental and Yawm flew in to the room. A metal toy airplane came over to play with the two other airplanes… "MMMMETTAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said continental "it's even a CONTINENTAL airplane!!!" "hey Continental would you like to see a real airplane?" said the toy airplane "IT'S BEEN MY DREAM EVRY NIGHT!!!!" "we're going to see one TODAY!" " YYYYYAAAAAAYYY!!!!!! AIRPLANE! AIRPLANE! AIRPLANE!!!!!! 

            Chapter II
1.          the airplanes            1

The airplanes were in  airports that were big and full of other airplanes. eagle, eaagle, spotty, hawk, raven, chick, Yawm, continental, united, minenium, Penguie, and 2 toy airplanes are put in the backpack. (and of course the little boy and his family came with too) "where's continental?" said eaagle "I think the little boy is holding him" said eagle. They found out that spotty, hawk and a toy airplane were out too, and even eaagle, himself was outside the backpack, and he was talking to SPOTTY, and they were REALY talking about UNITED who was INSIDE the backpack. "were are we?" said eaagle "IT'S THE AIIIIIRRRRRPPLLLLLANNNE!!!!!!!!" says continental filled with joy. BUT WHERE'S ALL THE METAL?! WHERE'S THE METAL SEATS?! WHERE'S THE METAL PEOPLE?! WHERE'S THE METAL FLOOR AND SEALING?! Suddenly continental is in panic. EVEN EAAGLE ISN'T METAL! EAAGLE! THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU! YOU'RE NOT MADE OF METAL!!!!
               • • •
In the backpack Eagle is woken up by a bump the airplane made. "WHAT?! How did that happen? Where are we?" he said "the cheep-plane" said chick "he means the AIRplane" said Raven. "CHEEP! where are we going?" "probably far away if we're in an airplane." 
               • • •
From the airplane there's a good view of the mountains that all the toys and the little boy and his family live near. But continental was to busy looking around at at the cool airplane stuff {well HE thought it was cool} 
               • • •
There's another bump but poor eagle is so scared that it sounds like KABOOM!!! For him. "Were are we going?" Said Raven THE AIRPLANE SAID KABOOM! LAND!!! Eagle is so panicked he catapults a toy airplane that hits United and catapults UNITED onto eagle. OOMF! Suddenly, the airplane lands and continental is very sad to go back into the backpack and they go through another airport with even more airplanes than the other one, and before they knew it they were in another airplane. "IT'S ANOTHER AIRPLANE!!!" Continental is happy again. "where are we going this time?" says eagle "I think that last one was KABOOM-land and I'm glad we didn't stay there to long so that we don't explode!" "this time we're going over the ocean!" said Continental. Eagle is even more scared than before, but continental seemed to be excited. There's another bump but for eagle it sounds like KKAABBOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!! Now eagle was EVEN MORE scared than before "AAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!! THE AIRPLANE SAID WE'RE GOING TO KABOOM-land AGAIN!" 
"OH-NO! are we turning around?" said continental "no, I THINK IT'S JUST ANOTHER ONE!!" Hawk was outside the backpack too. "Hawk, do you know where we— ow, you steped on my foot." "hey wait, whats this orange water?" said hawk "it's orange-juice, don't touch it it'll make you orange." but it was to late, hawk was already touching it and suddenly, splash! "AHHHH!!! YOU TURNED MY BEAUTIFUL WHITE HEAD ORANGE!!" "yeah, but my beautiful red tail is orange!, and I like your beautiful new orange head!" 
               • • •
The toys In the backpack were scared too. They heard about KABOOM-land and that eagle's head was orange. 
               • • •
"Let's get milk to make eagles head white!" said hawk "NO!!" "oh, get some— WAIT! There's a water-bottle down there!" Hawk got the water-bottle and dumped all the water on eagle. "YOU MISSED ME AND HIT CONTINENTAL!!" Said Eagle. Eagle used hawk to dry continental. "Hey don't use the HAWKATIVE TALK!— er the TALKATIVE HAWK!" Spotty got excited, because they'd been on the plane for a long time now, and it was starting to get dark. 
                       • • •
By now, it was very dark. Everybody on the airplane {besides the pilot} was asleep. Hawk and eagle and even continental had fallen asleep too. Spotty knew nobody was watching him so now he could fly around and see other parts of the airplane. He saw lots of doors near the top of the airplane. He flew up to see what was in them. He opened one and lots of packages and backpacks fell out of it. Oh-no a trap! I nearly got stuck in a backpack! Thought spotty. hmm, maybe only this one does that. He tried a different one and the same thing happened. 
He tried ANOTHER one, and it was empty. A den! He thought. He flew back "Eagle! I found a den!" YOU WOKE ME UP!! squealed Eagle. "look at the den I found!" said Spotty, so Eagle and Spotty flew to the empty door that Spotty had found. When they got there, Eagle looked around and then fell asleep. "it's a whole room all for us!" said Spotty who seemed to be enjoying the airplane as much as continental. Spotty flew out the door. He flew under the seat that continental and Hawk were sleeping on and he found a backpack and a very sad chihuahua. The whole backpack seemed to explode when he opened it and it sounded like this: "EE!" "CHEEP!" "YEAWM!" "UNITED!" "MINENIUM!" "PENGUIE!" this woke up hawk too. "TALKATIVE!" said Hawk. Spotty closed the backpack. He could hear hawk talking… and talking… and talking. Spotty flew to the door that eagle was in. "WAKE UP!!" said Spotty. Eagle woke up, suddenly the airplane lights turned on and there was a bump. The airplane had landed! Everybody woke up. Eagle and Spotty quickly flew back to the little boy. They went in ANOTHER airplane! After that, they finally got where they wanted to be!
                 Chapter III
3                 Portugal                     3
The family went and ate dinner and explored down narrow winding streets. Then they went to their apartment and went to sleep. When Spotty knew the little boy was sleeping he very carefully flew out of bed and somehow, got a hold of the DAD'S PHONE and typed in some random numbers. "hoo is it?" said a voice; "Spotty hoo are you?" he said nervously "Spotty!" said the voice "I'm the great-horned-owl that you left behind. Remember me?" "yes!" spotty was relieved. "I'm getting Hawk!" said spotty. " NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" said the great-horned-owl that they left behind, but it was to late, hawk was already talking. Hawk talked for two hours, the great-horned-owl gave the phone to another hawk, and he enjoyed listening to Hawk talk… and talk… and talk. Eagle woke up and flew down to the talking. "Oooooh! Can I talk to him?" Hawk kept talking, "HAWK!!" said eagle "Ag!" said hawk. Hawk fell off the table. "Eagle your head is still orange." said Spotty. 
                      • • •
The next day eagle jumped into the sink to wash his head. Unfortunately, he couldn't reach the handle! So without thinking he called up and said "Hawk, come down and help me turn on the sink!" he realized that he should've called Raven. Hawk came down and turned on the sink, then he started talking. "collllld!!!!!!" said eagle "turn on the other haaaandle!" hawk turned on the other handle, and kept talking. Hawk fell into the sink.
“Oh Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!” Screamed hawk. He thought he had fallen off the top of Mount Everest. "Whew! I'm glad I landed in a lake at the bottom of Mount Everest!" "You WHAT?!" Said Eagle. "I landed in a lake!" Hawk said proudly. “You landed in a sink,” eagle corrected. Now hawk was confused, how could he have fallen off Mount Everest And landed in a sink? Finally, they got clean, and flew back upstairs. "Hi Cheegle! Spotteep, Cheeaagle, and I are playing a game! Do you want join?" said chick. "Were playing tag!" Said chick "I'll play!" said eagle "okay… TAG! Cheegle's it!!" Said chick "TAG! Hawk's it!!" "Oooooh! Now I can tag someone!!!" Said Hawk. He flew clumsily over to spotty "Oh wow! Hawk flys like a Burrowing Owl!" Said Spotty. He flew away from hawk, but hawk was fast. Hawk was reaching out to tag Spotty but lost control of himself, and crashed into spotty. "TAG!" said hawk. Spotty flew back… "TAG!" "It looks like Cheeaagle's it!" Said Chick. Eaagle tagged Eagle and then they heared the door open and they stopped playing. The family went and explored the city (they brought spotty and eagle with). After a while, they went and got lunch. They sat on a bench to eat. The stuffies noticed other people eating on a bench nearby. While no one was looking, eagle walked over, and started eating the person's food. The stranger screamed, and started shouting random gibberish words that Eagle couldn't understand a single word of it. He didn't know it was another language. 

Then there was a waterbottle. He said hi!!! Why are you so loud water bite. Because i love it bite bite bite. 

To be continued......

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