Saturday, February 25, 2012

On the road again

Sylvia is ready to roll after her siesta. After packing her up, we hit the road again Wednesday, driving first to Lake Lanier where we continued our wandering search for perhaps a sailboat. The boys seemed care-free and super happy to be back in Sylvia again as they threw peanuts, one at a time, in the air, hoping the shells would crack on impact in the empty parking lot overlooking the lake while we drank our afternoon cup of tea. I had no idea that parking lots or peanuts could be so fun. After a short drive, we pulled over at Hartwell Lake State Park just after we crossed over into South Carolina to cook dinner over a fire and settle back into a camper-vanny routine for the night. We had the entire campground to ourselves, except for one lonely, car-less, construction-working, ex-marine who was living there in a tent. He was so happy to have company that he paid us a couple of visits that evening. The following morning, we basked in the glorious sunshine while we listened to the birds chirp.  We are happy to be back on the road again where we all grow as we see more of the country and meet interesting people who live very different lives than us. It is eye-opening for us to experience the different cultures and ecosystems that exist in this huge country that we live in.

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  1. Hartwell ... Lanier .... brings back nice memories of Atlanta