Friday, February 24, 2012

Picking up where we left off.....

After a lovely couple of months spent at home hanging out with friends and family, celebrating holidays, and playing hockey when I was injury-free, we flew back to Atlanta on February 16 to pick up where we left off. Great Grandma and Grandpa graciously welcomed us back with big smiles and open arms. About half way through our visit, Grandpa said that he had been trying to figure out what was wrong with our boys and after a lot of thought he decided it wasn't their long hair, it wasn't that they were home-schooled, it was that they lived too far away. They always have a way of making us feel so welcome and loved. They both amaze us with how active they are in their late eighties. One night they were off to poker night, the next night they took Jason to their stock club meeting where Jason got to meet some of their extraordinary friends including, Bert, a man who after losing his entire family to concentration camps, spent WWII hiding from the Nazis in Berlin, with his last hiding place being the basement of the Gestapo. He signed and gave Jason a book that he wrote about his experiences. It is beyond awe-inspiring to meet people who lived through this dark chapter of history, whether it be someone like Grandpa who fought against the Nazis, or his cousin who survived one of the concentration camps there, or Bert, and to see how they continued on to be incredibly successful in life. Our visit in Atlanta was, as always, so nice and we can't wait to come back to visit our family here.

On a camper-vanny note, I would like to announce with pride, and relief, after removing  her cosy cover, Sylvia started on the very first try and is running strong. It also appears that new mold and mildew activity is minimal so we are extremely pleased. We missed her while we were away.

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  1. They are and always have been great Grandparents.