Saturday, July 2, 2016

Echo Bay Music

We spent two music-filled nights at Echo Bay. On the first night Jason and Isaac went up to a communal fire pit and started a fire. Aaron, Emma and I reluctantly pulled our wet rain gear back on and headed up. At Jason's insistence, Isaac brought his guitar and ended up playing with Jessie, one of the marina employees. They jammed together all night long. Soon we had a small crowd of boaters join us for fun conversation and a sing-along. A boat that we'd met at Dent Lodge were there as well so we got to catch up with them. They said that the jet boat ride had put the fear of God into them so they decided not to run all of the rapids in one day. They spent three days getting through what took us one long day. While everyone was talking and enjoying music Aaron was chopping and carving wood to his heart's content. He made a couple of fish clubs and gave a specially tailored one to one of our friends from Dent. We finally let the fire die down and retired to the boat at 10:30.

The following nigh we were delighted that no rain gear was required. We had three guitars, a violin and an even bigger crowd. Emma took turns with Jessie on violin and guitar and almost every song was a sing along. Aaron, again, spent the night in a chopping and whittling paradise. A good time was had by all and we again stayed around the fire late into the night. We've decided that we have joined the legions of people who love the camaraderie of small marinas in the Broughtons and Aaron decided he wants to live in Echo Bay forever.

Click here for photos and videos.

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