Monday, May 11, 2015

Time to Set Sail

On May 1 we finally returned to Seattle and Marinero. Our grand plan is to spend the summer on the boat sailing through British Columbia. Our week in Seattle was spent prepping for our big trip with a bit of fun sprinkled in here and there. Our first item on the agenda was checking out my great-grandparents names on a memorial dedicated to Scandinavian immigrants. I bought the spots on the plaque two years ago and have been anxiously awaiting for it to finally go up. It was cool to see our ancestors names below Leif's larger-than-life-Viking feet. Over the weekend we met a friend who works for National Geographic on their expedition ships. He gave us a tour of his boat and gave us the lowdown on what it was like to work his dream job. Later in the week the boys and I spent a morning drooling over Star Wars costumes at EMP followed by an afternoon at the zoo. We spent another day hiking through the rain to the top of Little Si. Isaac spent an afternoon in the office with Jason while Aaron and I hit the Lego store and a park. In the spirit of keeping my ancestors memories alive I punched my great-uncle's address into google maps and tracked down the house where he may have lived in 1907. Chores included three painful trips to the grocery store, where I bought obscene amounts of food. Combined with the food I ordered on Amazon Prime, the boat is full of dry goods that should last us four months....hopefully. The boat is so full of food that it is actually heeling over way more than usual, so much that I roll to that side of the bed when sleeping. There were multiple trips to Fisheries for odds and ends for the boat including a new bigger and grabbier anchor which Jason and Isaac replaced with only one crushed thumb in the process. After a week of prep we happily set sail for Port Townsend.

Click here for photos.

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