Friday, April 17, 2015

Moab Family Invasion

The following morning we went to Big Bend to boulder. I had delusions that maybe I could boulder a little bit but with no luck. The wrist wouldn't cooperate. Sigh. So I watched everyone else boulder instead. And moped. A little. For the afternoon we ventured back into Arches. The following morning Isaac and Jason hit the short Slickrock trail again. Aaron and I hiked to one of the highest points Aaron had picked out for us to summit. The top was littered with huge potholes which will, millions of years from now, become arches. Along the way we met up with our bikers and I watched in amazement as Isaac rode down a series of ledges known in our family as the infamous clunkety-clunk. It was so cool to see him in action. In the afternoon my parents and one of my brothers with his family arrived in Moab so we went spent the afternoon in the pool at their hotel before heading back to Mill Creek for an evening hike. The following morning we slipped out early to hike Gatherer Canyon before it got too hot out. Since the temperatures were forecast to hit 88 that day, we spent the afternoon, again, at the pool with my younger siblings. The following morning my dad and little brother joined us at our campsite to bike Slickrock with Jason and Isaac. Aaron had another, even higher, summit for us to conquer that day so we set out on foot at the same time as the bikers. Four hot hours later Aaron and I stumbled back in the nick of time so we could get Isaac back down to cell service to Skype into his computer programming class again. The next day we hiked Hunter Canyon again with my parents. My dad was totally blissed out on the red cliff views as we wandered up the canyon. We stopped at a gorgeous spot along the stream to let the kids play and explore. After spending the afternoon with my family at the pool we bid them farewell and headed back to our campground where we enjoyed a lovely sunset up on the red rocks behind our campsite. Thanks for meeting us in Moab. We're so glad the stars finally aligned and we were able to meet you in Slickrock paradise. The following morning we waved goodbye to Moab, crossed our fingers and hoped Sylvia would remain functional all the way home.

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  1. Next time I am going to remember to get my finger up to my chin.