Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ferry to Denmark

We left Bergen on a huge, overnight ferry to Denmark. The ferry was very cruise-ship-esque and we enjoyed watching the Norwegian islands pass by in the little bit of daylight we had left, warm in our comfy seats...a really, quite different experience than the sailboat. After the sunset, we watched as the normally staid Norwegians let loose as they set out on vacation and then enjoyed a Christmas buffet where Aaron helped himself to a big serving of lutefisk. Back in our cabin we tossed and turned through the night and then pulled our tired selves out of our bunks at the 6am wake-up call. By 7:15 we had piled onto a bus destined for Aalborg, Denmark surrounded by inebriated Norwegians who sang on and on while they passed a bottle of hard alcohol around. I have to say that it was really strange to watch people drinking so early in the morning, but the sunrise over the Danish countryside was quite lovely.

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