Saturday, December 7, 2013


We arrived in bustling Copenhagen exhausted and with each member of our family in various stages of sickness. We were ready to take a break from the fast pace of our trip and hang out a little while. We checked into our comfy, Indonesian-style hotel Sunday and Jason left on a plane for Brussels Monday morning to attend meetings. The boys and I took this opportunity to rest and recover a bit. After a lazy and delicious organic breakfast we spent the entire day playing games, drinking tea and relaxing. The next day I coaxed my coughing kids out of the hotel to explore the city streets and visit the Rosenburg Castle built by King Christian IV in the 1600's as a summer residence. We got there twenty minutes before closing time for the main castle (luckily the treasury was open for another two hours), bought our tickets and rushed up to the throne room. Boy oh boy, do kings know how to spend money! I still can't get over the opulence of the way royalty lived. We then wandered through the rooms of the treasury where we saw chests made out of amber, sailing ships of ivory, and gold, gold, gold. Jason arrived home late that evening and the next day we set out through the streets to find Nyhaven, a colorful, old waterfront that reminded us of Bergen. Along the way the boys were delighted to stumble upon game stores and the mothership Lego store.

Click here for photos.

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