Thursday, August 15, 2013

Montana Summer

Did I mention that we live in a beautiful place? And have amazing friends? We have had an incredible summer at home enjoying both. Our summer started with evenings of archery, sword fighting and fencing, balanced a few weeks later with a good old-fashioned barn dance. We spent weekends rock climbing, biking and hiking. We filled each week with friends, farmers market and slack-lining. We camped with friends and canoed. And in preparation for our early-August departure we had early birthday parties for the boys. Isaac decided on a biking/playing capture-the-flag-in-the-woods party. Our biking destination was the rugged Emerald Lake trail so it was a small riding party, only Isaac, Jason and I. Aaron spent the morning with friends who planned to meet us at Palisades Falls for party mayhem! Isaac did an amazing job maneuvering the rocky, steep trail and emerged from the ride tired, but unscathed. We are so proud of him. I on the other hand, had technical difficulties which landed me in a creek four miles from the trailhead with a broken wrist. Fortunately camelbacks double really well as slings and I met three amazing 70+ year-olds who were kind enough to take my bike, give me an ibuprofen 800 and walk out with me. They were absolutely incredible. They are in better physical shape than I have ever been, with hundreds of marathons under their belts as well 100-mile-adventure runs. One had just turned 70 so they were heading out to Glacier to celebrate by hiking 70 miles in 7 days! I cannot thank them enough for their kindness, stories and inspiration. Down at the party, we persuaded the boys to stay behind to play and romp in the woods with their friends while Jason and I went to the ER. The following day we had Take 2 for Isaac's party with water guns, presents and chocolate pot-o-cream. A big thank you to our friends for taking care of our kids and showing up for two birthday parties in two days! Aaron decided on a camping birthday party the following weekend which was action packed with loads of sword-fighting but no major injuries to report. We wrapped up the summer at home with a week of Sweetpea Festival activities before heading out on more adventures. 

Click here for an overwhelming number of photos. 

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