Sunday, July 28, 2013

So what to do now?

Sylvia was in need of some junk-yard parts that were days away so I emptied her out, we bid her adieu and hopped into our Ford F-150 rental with bikes loaded in the back and stuff piled up around the boys. Over pizza we pondered the fate of the upcoming week before we detoured to Fairmont Hot Springs so the boys could ride the water slide. As we meandered closer to home we stopped at the Sacajawea Hotel for dinner, something we've been meaning to do for a long time. We re-realized over the course of the day that we live in a pretty amazing place, where people fly into from all over the world to recreate, and maybe we should take the week to enjoy it. It was settled....we were opting for a staycation. We adhered to a strict regime of alternating days of mountain biking/climbing all week long, with one rest day in Helena to visit family, and capping it off with an epically beautiful hike up Elephant Mountain. Exhausted and happy, we spent the next week recovering. We are no longer twenty. 

Click here for photos. 

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