Sunday, February 3, 2013

Quinta Regaleira and National Palace

The weather during our visit to Sintra was what one might describe as wet and stormy as you may have discovered from Isaac's post. Though it put a bit of a damper on hiking activity, it allowed us time to visit old favorites like Quinta Regaleira and the National Palace.

Regaliera is the mysterious quinta built in the early 1900's by an eccentric opera set designer who strived for maximum romanticism and mysteriousness. After a quick trip through the mansion we headed for the maze of caves where Isaac was thrilled by the challenge of trying to make it through without a light. He emphatically asked for lights to be extinguished whenever we were under ground. When his wishes were met I would freeze, groping for the walls of the tunnel and he would bravely grab my arm in the darkness and lead me through.

In the National Palace we ducked out of the howling wind and pelting rain and revisited the winding maze of ecclectic mix of Moorish and Portuguese tiled rooms while the wind shook and rattled the windows.

Click here for photos of Regaleira.
Click here for photos of the National Palace.


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