Monday, February 18, 2013


Belgium is home to loads and loads of castles so we decided that our visit wouldn't be complete without seeing one or two. The small village of Beersel has a beautiful red-bricked castle with a moat around it and an eight kilometer path through the countryside so it sounded like the perfect Saturday activity. When we arrived in Beersel, we found that the castle was not actually open for the winter, but we were happy to be out in the countryside and we got to check out the castle from afar. After lunch at a brasserie next to the castle, we found the Kesterbeekwandeling path and set out on our walk as the weather began to pelt  us with very small snow balls which gave way to rain, which then gave way to sunshine, and then snow, then rain, then every combination in between. Along the way we passed by friendly little Shetland ponies and baaing/burping sheep which totally cracked us up. We walked streets through typical Belgian neighborhoods, on paths through forests, up rolling green hills to cobblestone roads through farm fields which disappeared into a muddy slogfest-of-a-road. We arrived back in Beersel chilled from the final pelting of snow and wind we encountered so we ducked into a restaurant across from a cute little church and ordered the boys hot chocolates and a regional lambic and beer for us.

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  1. Everything seems so well kept up and individualized.
    Pika needs a friend like that. Less up keep also