Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spencer to Rosario to Indian Cove

After much delay, I finally have some highlights from the second half of our sailing trip.   

Spencer Spit to Rosario - We sailed off of our anchor for the first time followed by a great diesel-free day of sailing.  We only needed our engine for docking. Woohoo!

Indian Cove - Beach Physics 101. The boys used smaller logs to make levers to lift a much, much bigger log off the ground. 

Parks Bay - We discovered this sweet, secluded little bay right across from bustling Friday Harbor. While anchored here we watched a young seal swirl around the cove as fast as he could, occasionally coming up out of breath and gasping for air. 

Jones Island - This was our first visit to this quiet, unpopulated island.  We loved the gorgeous views as we followed the trails around the perimeter of the island.   

Click here for photos.

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